Smart Control Heat Treatment Furnace for LPG Cylinder

Smart Control Heat Treatment Furnace for LPG Cylinder

                                 Heat remedy annealing furnace

Introduction for this tools:

Steady cylinder warmth treatment nature gas warmth treatment furnace is broadly utilized for warmth treatment method of steel cylinder.The heating of the furnace is divided into two sections.1 segment is the heating area (horizontal)The next part is the substantial temperature part (horizontal).

Parameter and specifications:
1.Continuous heat treatment furnace:Total duration for this equipment is 20 meters(furnace is fifteen meters, loading & unloading holder is 5 meters).The furnace is welded by high top quality section steel, the furnace is lined with large temperature resistant higher alumina refractory firebrick, insulation layer is manufactured of fiber and other thermal insulation resources.Total, the high temperature furnace is light-weight and of good insulation overall performance.
2.Software:Cylinder normalizing heat therapy
3.Specification:ISO CZPT, cylinder weight:6kg/personal computer, 12.5kg/personal computer,25 and 52kgs Diameter of cylinder is from DN200-400mm
four.Functioning performance:200pcs/hour
5.Entrance temperature:30ºC
six.Cylinder heating temperature:900ºC±25ºC
seven.The max.Working temperature of the furnace body:≤1000ºC
8.The temperature rise of furnace body area is according to China industry requirements.
nine.Areas of the furnace:
10.Horizontal furnace entire body:one set
eleven.Loading and unloading chain system:1 pair
twelve.Character gas control method(report containing):1 established
13.Flue gasoline and heat trade method:1 set
fourteen.Gas sort:Character gasoline
fifteen.Gasoline calorific value:8500 Kcal / kg
16.The sort of combustion apparatus:Large-speed gasoline burner
17.Heating quantity and thermal load distribution:8 pcs gas burner
18.No.Of burners in heating part:4 pcs burners, 230KW/pcs
19.No.Of burners in the entrance of temperature holding section :2 pcs burners, 230KW/pcs
twenty.No.Of burners in the again conclude of temperature keeping part :2pcs burners, 150KW/pcs
21.Electrical power provide:20KW, 380V, 50Hz

Burner and manage technique:
Substantial pace fuel burner and ratio manage technique
Continuous cylinder warmth treatment method furnace demands the equal warmth provide, equally loading the cylinder, and needs to give large heating load alterations, so we choose ratio burning handle method.The sleeve tube on the burner nozzle will kind a high speed jet steam when burning, can stir up the within ambiance and similarly offer the warmth.The heating of each and every burner nozzle is ratio management.
In the ratio management program, the burner nozzle will instantly change the heating according to the temperature in the furnace, the electrical power, mixture ratio, spraying velocity will be altered to a best situation, which will effectively improve the burning potential and minimize the air pollution.Through the cooperation of the many burner nozzles, the heat movement will be uniformly dispersed in the furnace, which will boost the heating quality of the cylinder and temperature uniform.We also choose controller of substantial resolution and suitable power burner nozzle to get to a high linearity of the method.That kind of handle program is commonly utilised in metallurgy and device heat treatment sector.
Operating station handle program
That technique has the feature of expansibility, adopts the manage program:1 gauge- one burner nozzle or a single gauge- multi-burner nozzles.The instrument adopts Japan conductive company SRS3 type clever temperature management instrument.Through connect the signal of true temperature in the furnace and then estimate by pc to manage the on/off and dimension of the every single burner nozzle, in the meantime , every burner nozzle doing work condition can routinely go on according to the pre-established curve.And it will demonstrate the temperature manage point and its temperature and the curve(also has paperless recorder), present the functioning problem of the burner nozzle, and failure warning.
The distinct basic principle:The thermocouple will detect the temperature sign of extremely part furnace, then feed back again to temperature instrument to examine the tolerance in between the pre-established temperature and actual temperature, then handle the burner nozzle output via ratio control.
Alarm program and safety interlock system
Given that the fuel is nature gas, which is hazardous, so the safety method is necessary.All the nozzles are equipped with automobile ignition device and flame detection gadget, will output the warning signal when flame is out, the vehicle ignition device and flame detection unit will lower sown the solenoid valve, in the meantime there is indicator light-weight will inform which nozzle is down and start and stop the interlock gadget.Audible and visual alarm will alarm to remind the operator to offer with the failure in time.There will is true-time keep track of and failure report in our electric method.
CZPT equipment:Japanese conductive meter, Chit or Delixi reduced pressure electrical equipment, the cable wire is from inland famous brand name.Burner:Ignition controller, push swap, solenoid valve are from UAS Honeywell11 or German Krom, the hand valve and dish valve are from inland popular brand.
Principal content specifics:
1.The shell is welded by section steel and steel plate(substantial good quality steel)
2.Insulation fiber:ZheJiang
3.High temperature refractory clay:HangCZPT
four.Higher temperature refractory brick:HangCZPT
5.CZPT Appliances:CHNT or Delixi
six.The gasoline burner:Nearby brand
eight.CZPT transmission chain:Dingsheng furnace industry generation

Tools installation, debugging and after sales services:
The expense of Set up, debugging and following-sales support in accordance with the discussion among two sides.At the exact same time, the supplier can have out technological direction by way of e-mail and video.

Other equipment for LPG cylinder line

No. Description Dimension&Specis Device
I Primary Equipment    
one CZPT Press 500T set
2 De-colier and punching device for modest spherical sheet reducing from huge sheet (content preparing for shell) XL-2 established
3 Content cutting mould on hydraulic press   set
4 63ton hydraulic symbol stamping equipment 63T established
five Shell drawing machine 200/300 set
6 Shell forming mould LS-2 set
7 Computerized trimming device QK-four established
8 Conclude dish necking machine SK-three set
nine Cleansing machine QL-5 established
ten Hole punching device CK-three established
11 Valve Seat Welding Device HP-2 established
12 Shroud welding equipment HZ-1 established
thirteen Bottom foundation welding equipment DZ-one established
14 Assembling Equipment ZH-1 set
15 Choice NO.1:Circumferential Seam welding equipment HJ-three established
Option NO.two:Circumferential seam welding equipment Single head Magazine set
sixteen Annealing furnace with burner TW-1 established
seventeen Hydrostatic Screening Device SY-six set
18 Shot blasting device QYP15 established
19 Spraying line JH-two established
20 Valve mounting device JF-2 established
21 Air Leakage Tests Machine Cm-2 established
22 Printing device ZS-two established
23 Roller conveyor line   m
24 Curve Convoyer   m
twenty five CZPT line energy   established
26 Motorized tests pump   set
27 Cylinder drying equipment   established


II Tools For Accessories Production Tools    
28 Punching equipment/electrical power press 25T established
29 Punching machine/electrical power press 63T set
thirty Punching equipment/energy push 100T established
31 Base foundation hydraulic forming equipment   established
32 Shroud upper R hydraulic forming equipment   established
33 shearing equipment 4mm*1.5m established
34 Shearing device 4mm*2.5m established
35 Printing device GZ-two set
36 Coding device BM-1 set
37 Shroud rolling device   established
38 Bottom foundation rolling equipment   set
39 Shroud mould   set
forty Bottom foundation mould DM-2 set
41 Bottonm base welding equipment   established


III Auxiliary Gear    
forty two Air compressor (screw) ten/.8 established
forty three Air compressor (piston) two./3. set
44 Air storage tank 1m3/3Mpa set
forty five Air storage tank 2m3/1Mpa established


IV Screening Gear    
forty six X-ray detecting equipment 2505C established
47 Mechanical home testing products WES-600B set
forty eight Burst stress tests equipment   set
forty nine Ultrasonic wall thickness tests gear   established

Smart Control Heat Treatment Furnace for LPG Cylinder

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