Plastic Machine Powder Mixer Mixing Machines Dosing & Mixing System Pneumatic Transport System Vacuum Conveyor Pneumatic Conveying System Plastic Machinery


For plastic, rubber, every day chemical and other industries of various resources mixing, stirring, drying, coloring and other process.

1.It is the basic products of plastic extrusion creation line . 

two.Two levels of sealing are adopted in the cover of the mixer and opened in pneumatic mode.The cooling mixer is a vaulted lid, not easy to consider condition.

three.The blades have been passed the examination of the dynamic and static stability testing device.

four.Barrel wall undergoes precise grinder.

Main CZPT Parameters:

Rotating Speed  
Motor electrical power
Mixing time 
SHR-one hundred 100 seventy five 650/1300 14/22 <=10
SHR-two hundred 200 one hundred fifty 475/950 30/42 <=10
SHR-300 three hundred 225 475/950 40/55 <=10
SHR-500 five hundred 375 430/860 55/seventy five <=10
SHR-800 800 600 357/714 eighty three/a hundred and ten <=10
SHR-one thousand 1000 750 325/650 110/a hundred and sixty <=10
SHR-1500 1500 1100 250/500 one hundred sixty/220 <=10

Scene Photos:

HangCZPT CZPT Chiyu CZPT Tools Co., Ltd target on constructing bulk sound handling plant and supplying relevant devices and fabricated parts to plastic, chemical and petrochemical business.
Our extended satisfies are the best knowing of bulk material homes and the handling process. We are good at fixing issues which exist in bulk solid conveying, storage, weighing, mixing and screening.
Meanwhile, providing optimum answers and proposals of the entire undertaking . At some point,
Our firm will offer you with an perfect task which functions according to your needs.With thorough encounter, imaginative and modern emotion.

We supply below devices and crops to domestic and intercontinental market:
one.High pace mixer and cooling mixer unit,ability up to 2000 liters for hot mixer and 6000 liters for cooling mixer.
two. Automated batch weighing and mixing Technique
three. Large precision additives computerized weighing equipment
4. Pneumatic conveying system contains: positive strain conveying technique and vacuum conveying system for powder & pellets.
five. Workshop dust elimination and environmental protection gear, and many others.
six.Upgrading and transformation of industrial automation program

CZPT of bulk materials dealing with methods
CZPT and storage, automation and discharge:
The storage of huge bulk solids portions is realised in silos, huge-baggage and containers, outfitted with automatic discharge aids for a secure extraction of the needed product volume from the container. In case of more substantial capacities the bags emptying is made instantly at scaled-down discharge capacities the manual discharge process is normally supported by mechanical gadgets (like hoists ….). 
CZPT and conveying:
The software of automation systems in the discipline of bulk solids transport – comprising equally mechanical programs (screw conveyors, bucket elevators, chain conveyors…) and also pneumatic programs (conveying underneath overpressure and by vacuum, fluidized mattress chutes…) – has a quite powerful effect on generation and productiveness. It permits to transport even extremely large bulk portions in a reliable and secure way above great distances CZPT human intervention. 
CZPT and metering, automation and weighing:
In the field of metering and weighing the automation makes it possible for higher metering accuracies and has – aside from of an efficiency improve – mostly an affect on the item good quality. Of great value are the production documents and batch protocols recorded and filed by the recipe management program.
Our intention
Overall compliance with the technical calls for and working problems using into account running costs and costs of return and anywhere achievable lowering investment charges.

Plastic Machine Powder Mixer Mixing Machines Dosing & Mixing System Pneumatic Transport System Vacuum Conveyor Pneumatic Conveying System Plastic Machinery