Antioxidant and Repair Mannosyl Erythritol Lipid

Antioxidant and Repair Mannosyl Erythritol Lipid

Antioxidant and Repair Mannosyl erythritol lipid

[Product summarize]
Mannosyl erythritol lipid(MEL)is manufactured by fermentation of fatty acids from vegetable oils this kind of as olive and castor oil, as well as monosaccharides and sugar alcohols.At the very same time, both fatty acid chains are certain to the sugar team, so the construction and operate of the item are similar to ceramides.

[The Character of MEL]
one.At reduced concentration (<0.1%), it should not need to be solubilized when added to the aqueous system. At high concentration, it may require a certain amount of solubilizing agent or need to further explore its dissolution process
two.At various temperatures (-20ºC-100ºC), the floor exercise is comparatively stable right after treatment method. When the pH is acidic and weakly alkaline, the vital micelle focus is generally unchanged, and the surface area activity retention and security are far better. When it is in a sturdy alkaline state (pH≥10), the essential micelle focus has increased, the area action has diminished, but the solubility has turn out to be greater

[The Perform of MEL]
one.Antioxidant and Mend.Takahashi researched the pursuits of a few distinct configurations of MELs (MEL-A, MEL-B and MEL-C) in scavenging cost-free radicals and superoxide anions,and discovered that these three elements showed distinct antioxidant homes in vitro mobile experiments.
two. Antibacterial Action.The final results showed that each Mel-A and Mel-B confirmed powerful antibacterial exercise in opposition to gram-optimistic germs, even though the inhibition impact on gram-negative bacteria and fungi was weak.Compared with sucrose and fatty acid sorbitol monoester, the least inhibitory focus of MELs on gram-constructive bacteria is substantially lowered, and the software has less toxic impact.
three.Induce Apoptosis and Differentiation of Most cancers Cells.MEL-A and -B have a good inhibitory effect on leukemia cells and can induce differentiation and apoptosis of leukemia cells.
four.Other Consequences.MELs can be utilized as gene carriers and drug shipping and delivery carriers, and can sort thermodynamically steady vesicles.

[The Result of MEL in Pores and skin Treatment Merchandise]
1.Improve the barrier function within the skin and provide outstanding moisturizing impact

two.It has a higher affinity for human skin and has a prolonged moisturizing impact

3.Powerful enhancement of pores and skin tissue exercise

four.Synergistic effect with ceramide

[The Specification of MEL]

Product Name Mannosyl erythritol lipid(MEILSA)
Product Code:  SY81.065
Shelf life 18 months
Appearance Yellow or orange liquid
Odor Attribute
Content of MEILSA,% ≥65
Content of ethyl acetate,% <1
Acid Value,mg KOH/kg <1.0 
Peroxide value,meq/kg <1.0
As (As by ICP),ppm ≤2
Pb (Pb by ICP), ppm ≤5
Hg(Hg by ICP),ppm ≤0.two
Cd(Cd by ICP), ppm ≤0.three
 Cu(Cu by ICP),ppm ≤20

[Packaging Information]
HDPE bottle

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Antioxidant and Repair Mannosyl Erythritol Lipid

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