Aluminum Guillemin Plug with Chain Type Fire Hose Coupling

Aluminum Guillemin Plug with Chain Sort Fire Hose Coupling
Fire hose Couplings are created to a French standard so it is typically known as French kind couplings.t is appropriate for transferring and conveying electrical power and granule on tanker fleets. Also this variety of French Guillemin Coupling has an identical locking head, that is to say there is no distinction among the male and the female half. hereby it is also named symmetric kind fittings or couplings.

CZPT: EN 14420-8/NF E29-572

Casting Approach: Gravity Casting 

Size: From DN40 (1-one/2″) to DN100(four”)

Substance: Alumiunium A356-T6 (Heat Taken care of)


Thread: BSP

Floor Treatment: Sharpening or Sand-Blast

Working Pressure: 16bar/230psi

Take a look at Strain: 30bar/435psi

Bare minimum Blast Pressure: 50bar/725psi

Size Element Number
one-one/2″ DN40 AL 68340
two” DN50 AL 68350
two-1/2″ DN65 AL 68365
3″ DN80 AL 68380
4″ DN100 AL 683100


Fire hose couplings are CZPT in regular components of aluminum and also can be CZPT in brass or stainless steel and NBR seals.French Guillemin Coupling are effortless to hook up and disconnect.

There are all kinds of supplies for French Guillemin Coupling CZPT: Aluminium, Stainless Steel(SS) and Brass.


Aluminum Guillemin Plug with Chain Type Fire Hose Coupling