8mm Anti-Skid Snow Tyre Chain

8mm Anti-Skid Snow Tyre Chain

Product Figures:
*For truck with solitary tyre
*Used in snowy times when driving for security
*Materials: Steel, scenario hardened
*Warmth remedy and electro-galvanised, not straightforward be rusty
*Ladder sort, less excess weight and effortless mounting
*Twisted url sort gains far more exceptional friction and traction
*Facet chains with “CAM”components, easier tightening
*Ladder sample and twisted hyperlink, not very easily injury the tyres
*The tiny twisted hyperlinks and the brief length of every single cross chain minimizes wear and breakage.
*Significantly less sounds and significantly less vibration when driving
*Easy and rapid mounting in minutes, CZPT jacking up or relocating the vehicle
*Packing way: Cotton bag, protected, convenient, and spacesaving

Size desk:

Product No.                                                                               Tire Sizes
2209 7.00-14LT P205/75R14 205/60R17.five    
185-fourteen 195/75R14LT 28X8.fifty-14    
2211 H70-14ST 27X8.50-14LT LR78-fifteen 7.00-15LT 195/75R15LT
H78-14ST H78-15ST six.70-15LT P215/75R15 seven-17.5LT
2214 seven.fifty-seventeen 245/70R17LT 225/70R17.5 7.00-eighteen 8-19.5
2216 nine-fourteen.5MH P235/75R15 eight.00-16.5 225/75R16LT 235/65R17
215/75R14LT 215/75R15LT P225/70R16 255/75R16LT  
H78-15LT 30×9.fifty-fifteen P225/75R16 P235/60R17  
P225/75R15 six.fifty-16LT 205R16 P235/65R17  
2219 7.00-15TR 245/75R15LT 235/75R16LT eight-17.5 225/65R18
seven.fifty-15LT 7.00-16LT 245/70R16LT 8.fifty-17.5 235/60R18
P275/60R15 8.75-sixteen.five 255/65R16LT 215/70R17.5 235/65R18
235/75R15LT 215/80R16LT eight.seventy five-16LT P235/50R18 245/55R19
245/70R15LT 215/85R16LT P235/70R17 P255/45R18  
2221 NR78-15 LR78-sixteen 235/85R16LT    
seven.50-15TR 7.fifty-16LT seven.00-17LT    
275/60R15LT 9.50-sixteen.five 215/75R17.5    
2228 eight.25-15TR 255/85R16LT   P275/60R20  
P275/70R16   275/55R20    
2229 P245/65R15 P245/75R16 265/60R16LT P245/55R17 275/60R17
P245/70R15 P255/65R16 275/60R16LT P245/65R17 P255/55R18
P255/70R15 P255/70R16 30X9.50-16LT 245/65R17 255/55R18
P265/70R15 P275/60R16 31X11.fifty-16 P245/70R17 255/60R18
P265/75R15 235/70R16LT 32X9-16LT P255/55R17 235/55R19
255/75R15LT 235/80R16 32X10.00-16LT P255/60R17  
29X9.fifty-15 245/75R16LT ten-sixteen.5LT P255/65R17  
P235/70R16 255/70R16LT 225/75R17LT P275/60R17  
P245/70R16 265/50R16LT P235/75R17 235/80R17  
2233 seven.50-18 225/70R19.five 6.50-twenty 7.00-20  
2237 nine.00-15TR 9R17.five   8-22.5 255/70R22.5
nine.00-16LT 10R17.5 7.50-20 235/80R22.5  
2239 ten-15TR eight.twenty five-20 245/75R22.five 275/70R22.five  
11R17.5 nine-22.five   QR78-16  
2241 9.00-20 10-22.5 255/80R22.five 265/75R22.5  
2245 10.00-20 eleven-22.five 275/80R22.five    
2247 295/75R22.five 305/70R22.5 285/75R24.five 275/80R24.5  
2249 10.00-22 11-24.five      
2251 eleven.00-15TR eleven.00-twenty twelve-22.five twelve.5-22.5 295/80R22.5
2255 12.00-twenty 13/80R20 eleven.00-22 315/80R22.five 12-24.5
2257 13.00-twenty fourteen/80R20 365/80R20 12.00-24  


8mm Anti-Skid Snow Tyre Chain

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